Shabbat Kiddush Information

Spot On Ripponlea 

Shabbat Kiddush

Please Note:
Prices quoted are inclusive of GST.
Menu items are just suggestions. If you would like additional options or changed items please let us know. 
Alchohol & decor are not included. Contact us if you would like this added. 

Contact us via or our live chat online, if you would like to go ahead with an event or for more information including questions, special requests & allergy requirements.

Buffet Style Kiddush:
Our Café (dairy) Buffet Kiddush package is $50 per head.
The minimum booking requirement is 100 guests/$5000 even if the number of guests attending is less than100.
Important Note: For each additional attendee, regardless whether they partake in any food/drink; you will be charged a further $50pp. A credit card will need to be on file. 
All food items, including sweets, will be served on a large buffet table.
Chairs will surround the room.
We offer the following time for a buffet Kiddush: Saturday 12pm-3pm

Package includes:
Function venue. Wait staff. Fabric tablecloths. Kraft Paperware. Still/ sparkling water. Soft drinks. (Coke, Coke No Sugar & Solo)
15 of the following options enough to feed the amount of guests you have invited. (A fee of $100 will be charged per item if you would like more than 15 items).
  1. Mini Sweet Muffins - Raspberry White Chocolate
  2. Mini Sweet Muffins - Dark Chocolate Chunk
  3. Assortment of crackers
  4.  Chocolate Brownie Bites
  5. Personalised Cupcakes
  6.  Choc mousse
  7. Tiramisu
  8.  Berry Cheesecake
  9. Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  10. Seasonal Fruit Platter
  11. Mini Bourekas - Mushroom Potato
  12. Salad – Classic Greek
  13. Salad - Pumpkin Quinoa
  14. Salad - Turmeric Cauliflower
  15. Teriyaki and sesame baked salmon side served with lemon wedges.
  16. Sushi (Elis Deli)
  17. Assortment of Gravalax (Elis Deli)
  18. Assortment of Herring (Elis Deli)
  19. Ice Cream station: cones, vanilla ice cream, syrups, and topping
  20. Assorted snacks (Pretzels, chips, candies etc)
    To secure your booking, confirmation is required  with the deposit amount via bank deposit or credit/debit card. Otherwise, Spot On Ripponlea reserves the right to make available any tentative booking not confirmed during this period.

    Confirmation of Attendance
    Final numbers will be required 21 days prior to your event. You must cater for all guests attending your function. Charges will be based on these minimum numbers or the actual attendance, whichever is greater.

    Spot On Ripponlea is not able to guarantee a Gluten or Nut Free environment. This is due to the potential trace allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients. We will ensure extra care for any customers with special dietary requirements if requested.

    Minimum spend for all Spot On Ripponlea functions is $4000. Full payment is required to confirm your event 21 days prior to the function. Where additional food/beverages are required during the event, and Spot On Ripponlea can accommodate this request, the pro-rata amount will be invoiced after the event and payment will be required within 7 days of the function.

    Labour Surcharges
    A 15% additional surcharge will apply to the function quote for all events that fall on a Victorian Public Holiday.

    Price Variations
    Every endeavour is made to maintain our prices as originally quoted to you, however they are subject to change. Should any increases occur, we will notify you immediately.

    The prices quoted are Inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax.

    BYO Policy
    In line with our conditions as well as Kosher Australia standards, NO food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into Spot On Ripponlea for consumption by the organiser or guests.

    Content of Event
    If Spot On Ripponlea has reason to believe that any event/function will affect the smooth running of Spot On Ripponlea, it’s security or reputation, the management reserves the right to cancel at its discretion without notice or liability.

    Exceptional Circumstances
    In extreme and unforeseen circumstances, such as flooding at Spot On Ripponlea, the management reserves the right to cancel at its discretion without notice or liability.

    All guests and organisers must depart Spot On Ripponlea by the agreed upon end-of-function
    time. There will be a 15-minute grace period. After this period, overtime rates will apply at $50 per hour per staff member. You will be invoiced after the event and payment will be required within 7 days of the function. Overtime does not apply where additional food/beverage pro-rata payment package is in effect.

    Damages & Cleaning
    Organisers are financially responsible for any damage to the building, furniture or property during the event and immediately following the event, including any costs for repair or replacement. General & normal cleaning is included within the cost of your function package. Additional charges may by incurred in instances where an event has created additional or extra-ordinary cleaning requirements. Clean up fees start from $150 and/or a rate of 50% of the overtime charge for any extended set up or pack down times. You will be invoiced after the event and payment will be required within 7 days of the function. Any items that the organiser has provided must be removed upon the completion of your event, this includes props or general theming waste.

    Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, stapled or adhered to any wall, door or other surface or part of the building. Signage in Spot On Ripponlea public areas must be approved by the Function Manager prior to the event.

    Whilst the staff of Spot On Ripponlea will take every care with the security and protection of property and guests, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damage or loss of property before, during or after the function. We recommend that organisers arrange their own insurance and security.